To conduct Holy Qurbana and other sacramental services according to the doctrines, tenets, traditions and values of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church.

To propagate and enhance the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Christian faith with a Christ centered focus and pass on this spiritual heritage to succeeding generations. Encourage and enable all to contribute and labour in the Lord’s vineyard with their talents and resources without preference or prejudice

Complete submission and dependency on the guidance of the Holy Spirit; the grace and provisions of our Lord Jesus Christ and upholding the Glory of God in all our endeavors

Be a witnessing Church, reaching out to the neglected and marginalized; bearing fruits for our Lord in the community

To provide and foster an environment of love and unity and bolster interaction and trust with our sister Orthodox Syrian parishes in particular and foster a spirit of Ecumenism with other Churches in general

Active involvement and liaison with the North East American Diocese under the Diocesan Metropolitan’s leadership, guidance and direction and allegiance to the Malankara Metropolitan and The Catholicose of the East.